Reading Skills Taught
Systematically builds from no reading to confident reading at 90 words per minute.
& Vocabulary
Develops vocabulary and critical thinking skills through rich reading experiences.
Introduces concepts of written language (from letters and pictures to basic grammar).
Develops awareness of individual sounds in words, such as /k/ /a/ /t/ in cat.
Level One*
  • Spell child’s name.
  • Recognize A through Z.
  • Recognize a through z.
  • Learn 10 letter sounds and 20 sight words to read 10 leveled readers.
  • Read along and understand 26 nursery rhymes and 26 alliterative books.
  • Understand print (left-to-right, letters, pictures, words, text).
  • Develop oral language skills (colors, shapes, numbers, sizes, etc.)
This skill is developed independent of student level.
  • Break words into individual sounds (cat to /k/ /a/ /t/).
  • Blend individual sounds into words (/k/ /a/ /t/ to cat).
  • Change a sound in a word to make a new word (cat to bat).
Level Two*
  • Learn common spelling pattern(s) for all 44 sounds in English language to read 63 leveled readers.
  • Read along and understand 16 Traditional Tales and 22 Read-Along Books.
  • Learn basic grammar concepts, such as sentences, capitalization, and punctuation.
Level Three*
  • Learn more complex spelling patterns to read 30 leveled readers.
  • Practice automatic word recognition.
  • Build reading speed to 90 words per minute.
  • Read along and understand 54 Read-Along Books.
  • Learn parts of speech (such as nouns, verbs, and adjectives) and parts of words (such as prefixes and suffixes).

* Each child is tested at the beginning of the Reading program and placed in a level based on his or her performance.